The Who Add Tour Dates, Including First Cincinnati Show Since 1979 Tragedy

The Who have extended their Moving On tour to include a show in Cincinnati, Ohio, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of a tragedy in the city where 11 of the band’s fans died in a pre-show stampede.

Along with a series of rescheduled shows announced earlier this month, the band has expanded their 2020 itinerary to include shows on April 21 in Hollywood and on April 23 in Cincinnati as well as a series of six shows in Las Vegas from May 5-16.

It will be the first time the band will be performing in Cincinnati since the tragedy.

The historic show was announced Tuesday by local Cincinnati TV station WCPO after airing a documentary special – “The Who: The Night That Changed Rock” – commemorating the 40th anniversary of the tragedy.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band’s lead singer Roger Daltrey and guitarist Pete Townshend were interviewed for the program along with long-time manager Bill Curbishley.

The Who will make a donation from the Cincinnati concert to the P.E.M. Memorial, the organization that was founded to honor friends and classmates that lost their lives at the December 3, 1979 concert.

Tickets will be available at Ticketmaster.

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Kansas City Chiefs narrowly avoid forfeit after equipment sent to New Jersey instead of Massachusetts

Fox News Flash top headlines for Dec. 8

Fox News Flash top headlines for Dec. 8 are here. Check out what’s clicking on

An equipment fiasco nearly ended in disaster for the Kansas City Chiefs ahead of their highly anticipated matchup against the New England Patriots on Sunday.

A container holding some of their team's shoulder pads, helmets and footballs was sent to Newark, N.J., by accident, but it safely arrived in Foxborough, Mass., after the team rushed it back to Boston for arguably its biggest game of the season, league sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The outlet reported that the Chiefs were responsible for the mishap after the team never took the equipment — which included about 35 of the players' bags — off a plane.

At 2:39 p.m., CBS Sports sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson posted a picture on Twitter of workers carrying Chiefs equipment bags through Gillette Stadium.


"Crisis Averted! Chiefs equipment bags have arrived," she wrote.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes throwing a pass during a game against the Indianapolis Colts this past October. (AP Photo/Ed Zurga, File)


If the Chiefs had failed to locate or retrieve the equipment before the 4:25 p.m. kickoff, they would have needed to forfeit, sources told ESPN.

A Chiefs spokesman confirmed to ESPN that the equipment did, in fact, arrive on time.


"I never heard that before," a source told the outlet.

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10 Types Of Instagram Photos Celebrities Overdo

Instagram is great, isn’t it? A home for artists to display their craft, for influencers to remind us that they exist and people with interesting hobbies to show us how they do what they love. Unfortunately, Instagram has been invaded. Invaded by the evilest sort, the sort that sucks up the clicks and hearts of the Instagram community just by their simple existence—these people are celebrities. Yes, celebrities have come to Instagram and it appears that they don’t have any intention of leaving any time soon.

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With that being said, if there are any celebrities reading this, here are some pointers on the 10 most annoying types of photos in the Instagram gene pool and why it’s only celebrities are responsible for them.

10 The Group Selfie

It’s hard to not want to just put a fist through the screen of our beloved devices or laptops when an incredibly contrived and marketed celebrity group selfie is posted to Instagram. There are many things to dislike about this type of Instagram picture, mostly how fake it is, but also, we get it, you’re famous, and you have famous friends, you don’t need to keep advertising that fact.

The fakeness element comes from that famous Ellen DeGeneres picture that looked spontaneous but was, in fact, a paid event that involved other paid celebrities as part of a Samsung Galaxy piece of advertisement. Can’t help but see all celebrity group selfies as fake now, sorry to all well-intentioned pics, not buying it.

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9 The Expensive Hotel Room shot

Travelling can be fun… well, sometimes it is, but sometimes it isn’t. One of the best things about traveling is the hotel room, the place where you can just rest your head after being on that really dull plane ride or after driving non-stop for 13 hours.

The hotel room can be a haven for the heavy minded, however, this is automatically ruined when a celebrity decides to take a picture of the hotel rooms that they can afford. Wealth can be an element of a picture that can boil the blood of the hard-working who are never given their due. Showing off that their hotel room is more expensive than the average worker’s mortgage, is just a brag. Plain and simple.

8 The Personal Trainer Workout Photo

Working out is important, well, exercise is important, working out is an extra element that can be braggy depending on the person doing the working out. For most, it’s a way of self-improvement through sweat. For others, it’s a way of telling the world that you have a lot of spare time and money on your hands.

Yet, for the celebrity, it’s a simple reminder that a lot of them have an extra element, they have personal trainers that they pay to help make them the best that they can be. Personal trainers aren’t something that we all have access to, so they act as images that only serve to remind us how good we don’t have it. Please stop it with that, it’s just infuriating.

7 The ‘I’m just like you’ Fast Food Pic

Celebrities are a different class of people, they’ve been elevated past the regular scum of the world. They are beautiful or talented or rich or all of the above, so, when a celebrity posts a picture of them trying to act like they are still part of the common folk, it comes across as disingenuous.

This is especially true when the act involves fast food, the kind of food that regular people buy because it’s the only thing they can really afford. When a celebrity takes a picture of a fast-food burger, with the tag ‘EAT UP’ it doesn’t come across a quirky or relatable, it comes across as signaling. They want others to think that they are still ‘just like us’ but they’re not.

6 The Soft-core Selfie

Celebrities are beautiful… for the most part, anyway. Celebrities such as actors are incredibly photogenic and very easy on the eyes. That doesn’t mean that we need to constantly see them posing on the beach or at a pool with barely anything on.

The soft-core selfie is a selfie where the photo taker (a celebrity) has decided that their beautiful appearance needs validation, it needs to be admired and ogled. With their features out in full view, it crawls eerily towards the line between sexy and sex, a line that really shouldn’t be even approached on a social media platform like Instagram.

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5 The Workout Smoothie Brag

Related to the personal trainer and workout pictures in terms of intention, the workout smoothie is another attempt at gaining attention for the attention-craving celebrity. The workout smoothie is a common Instagram picture that plagues the site/app. It tells a story someone (in this case a celebrity) that took the time to make a smoothie, but not just a smoothie.

It’s a statement, it’s a gloat. “Look how healthy I am,” the smoothie tells us, “be like me, love me.” They don’t even look appealing to drink, they look like a pint of alien sick, who the hell wants to drink that? Nobody wants to be shamed into drinking something that looks and probably smells and tastes gross. No thanks, stop sharing.

4 Any Sort Of Famous Landmark

Everyone loves to travel—it’s a fact of life, but not everyone can do it. Some people are far too busy or are on the poorer side of life, and what they hate to be reminded of is how they can’t go traveling.

So, when a celebrity decides to take a selfie outside of a famous landmark that is inaccessible to others, like the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal, nobody wants to be reminded of how much traveling celebrities do and how amazing their lives are. It helps fuel resentment and self-deprecation. Nobody wants to feel that, so please take pictures of dogs or a lamppost, something relatable, at least.

3 The Legs On A Beach Photo (Hot Dog Legs)

Legs, what are they good for? Well, moving for a start, but most regular-person legs aren’t that interesting to look at. So, why are celebrities constantly taking pictures of their legs?

The hot-dog-leg-shot is an image of the legs where the most prominent part of the photo from the waist to the knee. It makes them look like smooth hot dogs. With celebrities, this strange photo trend is heightened by the locations that act as the backdrop for the hot dog’s legs. Predictably it’s not just about the smoothness of the legs. It’s a humble-brag, it’s a gloat. “Look where I am?” Nobody cares, stop showing off. Stop posting about where the legs are, we get it, money’s not an issue for you.

2 Today’s Outfit

Price tags, price tags, price tags; this is annoying whether a celebrity does it or not. Taking a picture of today’s outfit, which consists of nothing but overly-priced brands from Asia or Europe, just shows how much of a vain and attention-seeking try hard that person is.

It’s worse when celebrities do it though, as it’s a way of marking their superiority over the masses that would never think to buy $4000 socks or a $2300 hat. It’s all so artificial that it damages the brain whenever it’s posted on social media, especially Instagram. For shame. Go buy socks at K-Mart and donate the rest to charity.

1 The Mirror Selfie

The mirror selfie, the last on this list but by no means the least offensive to the eyes and sensibilities of innocent Instagram users. When it’s tagged with hash’s like #weightloss or #BDD it’s completely understandable that the mirror selfie is a show of strength and a growing of confidence.

However, when it’s attached to a celebrity pulling a duck face and wearing a house-shirt, it’s completely unnecessary and self-aggrandizing. Look, everyone knows what your face looks like, it’s not like the phantom of the opera took off their mask for the first time, it’s a selfie with the sole purpose of having the picture be all about them. So pointless.

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RHOBH's Brandi Glanville Claims She Was Drugged

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Brandi Glanville claimed that she was drugged in a series of tweets posted on Sunday, December 8.

“Pretty sure I just got drugged #water what?” the former model, 47, wrote. “It’s def just molly,” she posted in another tweet adding, “So high.”

In April, Glanville broke down in tears on Instagram after she was spotted leaving Mr. Chow restaurant in Hollywood while intoxicated after a night out with friends.

“For those of you that want to judge me, you can, all you want, but I’m telling you I’m embarrassed,” the Drinking and Dating: P.S. Social Media Is Ruining Romance author said at the time. “Sometimes, you know, you see your friends with their perfect husbands, and they get to have their kids full-time, and, you know, I don’t have that.”

She added, “There is a worry that I’m gonna grow old alone. And I know I embarrass my kids. I’m not perfect. That’s all I gotta say.”

Glanville also posted a telling quote on her Instagram Story at the time. “I’m not perfect, I’m only human,” the meme read. “So if I make mistakes, read the first sentence again.”

The TV personality posted a group photo with her friends from their night out a few days later. “Before shots :/,” Glanville captioned the photo.

She took to Twitter to address the backlash she received from her partying on April 14. “I’ve been VERY open about Suffering from depression and having recently switched antidepressants So please please stop these negative comments unless you really just want to send me over the f–king edge,” Glanville tweeted at the time. “I’m sad and ashamed isn’t that enough?”

However, a few hours later, Glanville wasn’t as apologetic over her actions.

“Sorry for my tweet,” she wrote. “I just realized the only people I owe explanations to are my family. I’m not 25 my body isn’t perfect and I got wasted I’m sure it’s happened to plenty of you however you don’t have people taking your picture and putting on the internet [sic].”

Glanville shares sons Mason, 16, and Jake, 12, with her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian. The former couple wed in 2001 but split in 2010 after the 46-year-old actor’s affair with his now-wife, LeAnn Rimes.

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Garth Crooks’ team of the week: De Gea, Lindelof, Baldock, Son, Rashford, Kane

Premier League leaders Liverpool won again as they beat Bournemouth while Manchester United stunned rivals Manchester City in the derby.

The defeat for City means they are now 14 points behind Liverpool and six behind Leicester, who claimed a club record eighth successive Premier League win with victory at Aston Villa.

Elsewhere, Sheffield United came from behind to beat Norwich while Tottenham put in a five-star display to see off Burnley.

Here’s my team of the week – have a read and then select your own below.

Goalkeeper – David de Gea (Manchester United)

David de Gea: It’s in games like Manchester derbies you need nerves of steel and goalkeepers you can rely on. David de Gea is one of those keepers.

Martin Dubravka’s performance for Newcastle saved the day against Southampton and Vicente Guaita was responsible for Crystal Palace keeping a clean sheet away at Vicarage Road. However, neither fixture contained the same temperatures as the Etihad Stadium.

De Gea was the coolest man on the pitch and produced two saves in the latter stages of the game that, under the circumstances, were world class. That’s why he’s a world class keeper.

Did you know? De Gea made four saves during Manchester United’s 2-1 victory at Manchester City, helping the Red Devils to all three points.

Defenders – Aaron Wan-Bissaka (Manchester United), Mason Holgate (Everton), Victor Lindelof (Manchester United)

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: I’ve been banging on about Aaron Wan-Bissaka for nearly two years now. I saw him play for Crystal Palace against Fulham at Craven Cottage, and Roy Hodgson didn’t want to talk about the player after the game for fear of attracting too much attention to the lad.

I also said he was a Manchester United player if ever I saw one. His defending in the Manchester derby was nothing short of outstanding. Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold might be better on the ball but there isn’t a better defender in the country on his day than Wan-Bissaka.

Did you know? Wan-Bissaka made five tackles against Manchester City, the most of any player in the game.

Mason Holgate: I never saw Mason Holgate as an imposing central defender but I thought he was amazing in the rejuvenated, never-say-die Everton team against Chelsea.

The block in the first half on Christian Pulisic was important but his overall contribution to his team’s efforts was quite brilliant. The question is why couldn’t Everton give Marco Silva some of what they gave Duncan Ferguson? What I did see was a football team playing in the same image of their interim manager. The players clearly understood what was required and boy did they give it to Chelsea.

Did you know? As well as making more blocks than any other Everton player (two), Holgate gave the ball away on fewer occasions (six) than any other Toffees player. Indeed, he also completed four tackles – only once before has he managed more during a Premier League match (five v West Ham in April 2017).

Victor Lindelof: The block by Victor Lindelof on Kevin de Bruyne was crucial if not a game changer.

Manchester United were 2-0 up after 64 minutes when De Bruyne’s shot was destined for the back of the Red Devils’ net, with plenty still on the clock, before the Swede produced the intervention of the match.

This victory for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wasn’t just about winning the Manchester derby but about his survival. Beating Spurs and Manchester City in a matter of days suggests that with a full complement of players, and not filling the team just with kids, Solskjaer has something.

Did you know? The Swedish defender made a team-high four blocks in Manchester United’s win at the Etihad.

Midfielders – George Baldock (Sheffield United), Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), James Maddison (Leicester City), Son Heung-min (Tottenham)

George Baldock: I wasn’t sure if it was George Baldock or George Best!

I thought I was seeing things when I saw Baldock drag the ball back, pirouette and strike a glorious shot past Tim Krul. The finish – not to mention the skill – was superb along with Sheffield United’s performance.

Blades fans have been telling me I’ve been a little hard on their team recently and not giving them the credit they deserve. How many players do they expect in my team of the week?

Did you know? Only Liverpool duo Alexander-Arnold (seven) and Andy Robertson (six) have been directly involved in more Premier League goals this season amongst defenders than Baldock (five – three goals, two assists).

Jordan Henderson: This player has been outstanding for Liverpool during the past few weeks and continued his excellent form against a Bournemouth side that were never in Liverpool’s class.

Jordan Henderson’s pass for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to score was sensational. It might have helped the Cherries if they had a player within 10 feet of the Liverpool captain.

Henderson may not be the most adroit practitioner with the ball at his feet but even he will kill you if you give him that much room. The Reds go marching on.

Did you know? As well as registering an assist for Oxlade-Chamberlain’s opener, Henderson recorded the most successful passes in Liverpool’s match with Bournemouth (140) – indeed, that was also his most passes ever made in a Premier League match.

James Maddison: This might have been a completely different result had Aston Villa’s medical team done their job. To let Tyrone Mings back on to the field after he had suffered what was a clear hamstring injury was suicide. By the time Villa had regrouped they were 2-0 down and James Maddison was running the show.

There is no doubt in my mind that the title is going to Anfield but Brendan Rodgers has got Leicester playing better than when they won the Premier League and look odds-on to finish runners-up. Remind me where Arsenal are currently?

Did you know? Maddison created five chances against Aston Villa, with one of those being an assist for Jonny Evans.

Son Heung-min: The last time I saw a goal scored of this quality it was by His Excellency the President of Liberia. He was then of course just George Weah playing for AC Milan.

To run practically the entire length of the pitch, outrun a posse of defenders prior to putting the ball in the back of the net is quite extraordinary but that is what Son Heung-min did.

The South Korea international left a group of Burnley players in his wake and scored what must be an early candidate for goal of the season. Quite an achievement to have something in common with the President of Liberia.

Did you know? Son was directly involved in two of Spurs’ five goals against Burnley, scoring one and assisting another.

Forwards – Marcus Rashford (Manchester United), Harry Kane (Tottenham), Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Everton)

Marcus Rashford: The challenge by Bernardo Silva on Marcus Rashford was about as reckless as the player’s social media posts about his team-mate Benjamin Mendy. Silva went crashing into Rashford in the penalty area like a bull in a china shop. If the tackle itself wasn’t a giveaway, the player frantically waving his hand in mitigation to the offence certainly was.

Rashford, nevertheless undeterred by Silva’s bully-boy tactics, got to his feet, brushed himself off, and amidst the white-hot heat of a Manchester derby sent the City keeper the wrong way. Now that’s a top class striker.

Did you know? Rashford has scored 13 goals in 21 appearances in all competitions this season – equalling his best goalscoring return for Manchester United in a single season (13 goals in 47 apps in 2018-19 and 13 goals in 52 apps in 2017-18).

Harry Kane: Two superbly taken goals scored by Harry Kane looks like business as usual. The difference being that Spurs scored five goals and conceded none.

Admittedly Burnley were poor and can’t win a game home or away to save their lives. Jose Mourinho has certainly stopped Spurs from sliding into the abyss but how long is he going to keep up with this utterly facile charm offensive and start turning this Tottenham team into a side that can win the big games away from home?

Hearing Roy Keane even suggest that Spurs lack the ‘mentality’ to win those games is enough to make a Tottenham fan want to lie down with a cold compress on the forehead in a darkened room.

Did you know? Kane netted both of his shots on target against Burnley, while also creating two chances for his team-mates.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin: The lad is not what I would call a natural finisher but Dominic Calvert-Lewin definitely makes things happen.

Everton have had five permanent managers in six years which tells you all you need to know about where they are as a club at the moment. I saw more passion, desire and endeavour against Chelsea than I’ve seen in the past six years. It was like Goodison Park back in the ’80s.

If that is the Duncan Ferguson effect then give him the job at least until the end of the season. You will know then whether he’s up to it. Calvert-Lewin certainly is.

Did you know? Calvert-Lewin scored his first ever Premier League brace in his 92nd appearance in the competition, and his first league brace overall since October 2015 for Northampton Town against Carlisle in League Two.

Now it’s your turn

You’ve seen my selections this season. But who would you go for?

Pick your XI from our list and share with your friends.

Crooks of the matter

I saw it but I could hardly believe it. Fans hurling missiles and one fan appearing to mimic the actions of an ape towards Fred as he was trying to take a corner. Let’s be clear here, Raheem Sterling plays for that club doesn’t he? I wouldn’t be playing for them much longer if there was a repeat of that behaviour from my fans. I can only imagine what he made of it. I saw what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and thousands of watching football fans around the world saw. We all saw it. The question is what to do about it?

Manchester City have made a good start by insisting they will ban fans for life if found guilty of these actions. We had this nonsense before in the ’70s and ’80s and the game spiralled into decline. We simply can’t afford to return to those days. Football authorities must act now and insist they get help from the government.

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10 Gifts That All E-Girls Will Love

If you’ve spent any time on social media apps and websites like Instagram or TikTok, then you’re probably familiar with some of the new trends that have been hitting the web like VSCO Girls, E-Boys, and E-Girls. E-Girls are known for wearing dark clothes, having unique hair colors and styles, and typically being on the edgier side when it comes to fashion. The “e” in their name is a reference to “electronic” and they were named such because of their affinity for showing off their style on trendy apps like TikTok.

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Shopping for gifts for anyone can be tough, but this is especially true when you’re shopping for someone who has such a unique style like E-Girls tend to have. You always want to get someone a gift they’re going to love, but it can be tough to pick something out at times.

To see 10 gift ideas any E-Girl is sure to love, keep reading!

10 Her Favorite Musician’s Merch

A huge part of using TikTok is getting to show off your amazing taste in music. And what better way to show off the bands and artists you like when you’re offline than to wear their merch?

Wearing band t-shirts has always been cool, but musicians these days make some of the most awesome merch around. And if there’s nothing in a musician’s official store that fits the style you’re searching for, creative fans on other websites are always putting up cool shirts and hoodies. Any E-Girl would love to get a t-shirt of her favorite band or musician to layer over a mesh shirt for her selfies.

9 A Pair Of Black Vans

Because being an E-Girl is so focused on a person’s image, that image has to be on point. From your head to your toes, everything about an E-Girl’s outfit has to be totally perfect and a lot of them spend a lot of time making sure that everything looks just right.

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When it comes to clothes, E-Girls can actually be pretty different. There are some staple items like mesh or striped long-sleeved shirts underneath their t-shirts, but there’s one piece of clothing that can be found in the closet of just about any E-Girl: a pair of black Vans. These are the perfect gift because they go with every E-Girl outfit imaginable.

8 Hair Accessories

E-Girls tend to spend a lot of time on their hair. What they choose to do with their hair can vary, but it’s always totally unique and eye-catching. Many E-Girls choose to have brightly colored hair or bleached bangs and popular styles include clipping their hair back or putting it into two high pigtails.

One popular hair trend among E-Girls is wearing fun accessories in their hair. For many, this means wearing basic barrettes like the ones that were popular in the 1990s. But if you want to give the E-Girl in your life a unique gift, look for some hair accessories that are more unique. Clips like these ones that spell out words have become popular at stores like Forever 21 and Kitsch.

7 Chunky Chain Jewelry

No outfit would be complete without the perfect jewelry. This is true for just about everyone, but it’s more true for E-Girls than anyone else. These days, the trendiest accessory for an E-Girl’s outfit has got to be the chunky chain necklace.

This style of jewelry was popular back in the 90s, but it has become super popular once again because of E-Girls being drawn to them as an addition to their outfits. They can be found at a ton of different stores from Dolls Kill to ASOS and Topshop or, if you’re looking for a more luxe version, even Tiffany.

6 Black Nail Polish

When it comes to E-Girl fashion, you’re pretty much set if you pick them up something black. Most E-Girls tend to wear primarily black and white, sometimes clothing items that are both like striped or checker printed shirt, and have pops of color in their hair or makeup.

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When it comes to nail polish, there are a lot of colors. But if you know that the special E-Girl in your life likes to keep her manicure looking fresh, you might also want to pick them up a fresh bottle of black nail polish. Popular ones include Licorice by Essie, Kings & Thieves from Smith & Cult, and Missed Calls from ILNP.

5 Too Faced Love Flush Blush

In a list full of edgy, black gift ideas, these Love Flush Blush compacts from Too Faced may seem unusual. But, if you’re familiar with E-Girl style, you’ll know that they fit in pretty well. E-Girls tend to put a pop of bright pink, red, or coral blush on their cheeks and then drag a little bit over their nose or onto the tip of their nose.

The fact that these blushes come in so many different shades, paired with the fact that they come in these super aesthetically pleasing, heart-shaped compacts makes them absolutely perfect for the image-focused E-Girl.

4 A Cool PopSocket

Having a solid grip on her cellphone at all times is definitely important for an E-Girl. They’re always on social media and filming videos for TikTok, so being able to hold onto their phone and get the perfect angle of their outfit and makeup in the shot is a must.

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The best way for an E-Girl to keep a good grip on their phone while taking selfies, filming TikToks, and texting all her BFFs is with an awesome phone grip. The most popular brand is PopSocket and they make a lot of really nice colors and patterns of phone grips, but a basic black one would be perfect for an E-Girl.

3 A Black Skirt

A black skirt is a staple for the outfit of any E-Girl. They’re versatile and easy to style with just about anything, including their favorite anime-inspired t-shirts, boots, and mesh tights. Although black skirts in just abut any style are popular with E-Girls, the most popular style is the circle skirt, also known as a “Sailor Moon skirt” or “skater skirt” by some E-Girls.

These skirts have a band around the waist and then flat out as they go down to the bottom hem. These skirts have the perfect silhouette for the outfit of an E-Girl. Black skirts can be found at just about every store, but black circle skirts are often found on the shelves at stores like H&M, Fashion Nova, Hot Topic, and Boohoo.

2 A New Beanie

Even though E-Girls definitely spend a lot of time making their hair look perfect, there’s nothing wrong with covering it up from time to time. A beanie, typically black or grey, is the perfect gift for an E-Girl that seems to have everything.

A lot of musicians have beanies as part of the merch they sell and there are a lot of beanies that have a symbol or phrase embroidered onto the front to add some special details, but a basic one that doesn’t have any special touches like that can be a great gift, too.

1 Black Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is a footwear brand that was founded back in 1947. But, in the 1980s, they became the footwear of choice for a lot of edgier subcultures like punks and goths. They became a staple in the grunge music and fashion movement in the early 1990s and have shown no sign of slowing down yet.

Although a pair of black Vans is definitely a common choice for E-Girls when it comes to shoes, you also won’t go wrong with a pair of chunky, black boots. Dr. Martens are on the pricier side, but they come in a ton of different styles and are comfortable, great quality shoes that will look great with any E-Girl’s outfit.

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‘Wonder Woman 1984′ Trailer Reunites Gal Gadot & Chris Pine – Watch Now!

The first official trailer for the upcoming superhero movie Wonder Woman 1984 has been released!

Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins traveled to Brazil to debut the trailer at the CCXP event, which was live streamed on Twitter.

The new trailer reunites Gal‘s Wonder Woman and Chris Pine‘s Steve Trevor, who was originally believed to be dead after the first film.

We’re also introduced to Wonder Woman’s new foes Max Lord (Pedro Pascal) and The Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) in the trailer. Also returning for the sequel will be Robin Wright as Antiope and Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters on June 5, 2020.

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Nada Farhoud: It’s time for the international climate conference to deliver

It is that time of year for another international climate conference.

You’d be forgiven for not being aware of the previous meetings (or conference of the parties – COPs) as they tend to be inconspicuous.

But this time it’s going to be different.

Thanks to the school strikes, the disruption caused by Extinction Rebellion and the work of Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough, the climate emergency is now high up on the list of public concerns.

Meanwhile, the Amazon has been burning, bush fires are raging in Australia and America, and the climate crisis is causing a humanitarian disaster every week.

But so far COP25 has been nothing more than a lot of hot air, if you’ll pardon the pun.

  • Starving polar bears raid village in search of food after sea fails to freeze

  • The glacier climate change-denying politicians must see – before it disappears forever

This year’s meeting needed a last-minute rescue plan before it even started. Costa Rica wanted to host the event but lacked the resources, so Chile took control.

Everything was set for Santiago, billed as “the blue COP” because at long last issues about the oceans would take centre stage.

But rioting in the capital and a political crisis forced the COP to be moved. The Spanish government – despite being in the throes of a general election – stepped up and offered Madrid, where this year’s talks are now taking place.

Almost 30,000 delegates and 50 heads of state have met desperately trying to salvage the global promises which came out of the Paris Agreement four years ago but with very little action.

  • Chris Packham savages 'dangerous' Jeremy Clarkson over new Greta Thunberg tirade

At the same time, a report delivered some more grim news showing carbon emissions are up 0.6% when they should be down by 7% a year to deliver on the Agreement. We are going in completely the wrong direction.

Ironically, the conference has been sponsored by power giant Endesa, a leading contributor to greenhouse gases and Spain’s largest emitter.

So far we are one week in with another week to go but there are no signs yet of any meaningful carbon cutting actions being proposed, let alone agreed.

Only the Marshall Islands have formally submitted a new climate plan, with Chile and Mongolia proposing targets. That leaves 184 countries to get their act together.

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Five-Year-Old Carries Toddler A Half-Mile In Extreme Cold To Safety After Pair Was Abandoned In Rural Cabin

What a horrific, unimaginable story… though it’s also an unreal opportunity to praise the incredible quick-thinking (and good luck) of a child who realized he was in a very bad situation, and had to go quickly for help.

A five-year-old boy carried a toddler for nearly a full mile in below-zero temperatures across remote Alaskan terrain after the pair was allegedly abandoned in a cabin that had lost power during a storm this week. The temperature outside was reportedly 31 degrees below zero at the time, when the five-year-old became nervous about the power going out and realized he needed to get the 18-month-old toddler to safety.

Incredibly, according to Alaska State Troopers who were dispatched to the small village of Venetie in remote, northern Alaska to investigate the incident, the two children arrived at a neighbor’s house despite wearing only “light clothing and socks” to make the trek. Per a news release from the troopers, the children were both later said to be recovering from their cold-related injuries, though it’s unclear how severely they were hurt during their long-lasting exposure to the unbelievably cold temperatures, or what the recovery period may look like.

Once the children reached the neighbor’s home, the adults there called the police, and that’s when troopers were dispatched by aircraft to the small village (population 175) to figure out the situation. Upon investigating further, State Troopers determined that a woman named Julie Peter was the one who allegedly left the children in the home alone, though it’s unclear what relationship she had to the kids, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Nevertheless, Peter was arrested late this week on a charge of Endangering the Welfare of a Minor in the First Degree, and booked into the Fairbanks Correctional Center, where she’s now going through the court process with her charges. Immediately, the story made the rounds locally, and it’s now going viral across the country this weekend as it becomes more and more clear how the five-year-old boy quite literally saved his own life and that of the helpless 18-month-old toddler after the power outage.

What do U think about this incredible, unfathomable story, Perezcious readers?! We can’t even imagine a five-year-old child carrying a toddler nearly a mile across treacherous, rural outdoor terrain — not to mention the insanely low temperatures, the lack of clothing, and the wind, snow, and disorientation that must have made things nearly impossible. Just… wow.

Sound OFF with your opinions about this incredible story in the comments (below), y’all.

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Kitten stuck in washing machine for 20 minutes brought back to life by CPR

A quick-thinking carer brought her kitten back to life after she accidentally put on a wash with her beloved pet trapped in the machine.

Courtney Drury didn’t realise three-month-old Posey had climbed in for a catnap among the clothes before she turned the washer on.

And her hapless kitty went round for 20 minutes before mum-of-one Courtney finally tracked her down.

Courtney, 22, who was “crying and panicking”, grabbed lifeless Posey and, in a desperate bid to revive her, used the CPR she learned just weeks earlier.

She said: “I had heard a miaow but couldn’t find the cat. It wasn’t until 20 minutes later that I saw she was in the machine. I got the door open and she flopped out with the wet clothes.

“I started CPR then I heard a very little miaow.”

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The Liverpudlian mum rushed Posey to the vet who put her on oxygen. She added: “The vet said she had never seen anything like it. She said if I hadn’t done CPR Posey wouldn’t have survived.”

Courtney and worried daughter Alyssia, four, then endured an agonising night after being told Posey had taken a “turn for the worse”.

But the vet called the next day to say the puss was on the mend. 

She added: “Posey is definitely a miracle cat and they must have nine lives.”

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Little Posey, who is just months old, is now back at home following the incident last Tuesday.

Courtney said: “She’s back to her normal self, running around our feet.

“My daughter who is four really missed her when she was at the vets.

“I felt so guilty when she came home, but she came and sat on the sofa by my shoulders and nuzzled me.

“We love her a lot.”

Now Courtney has stickers around the machine to remind her to check for the cat.

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